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EAS Security Tagging

Customer theft is a part of ‘stock shrinkage’ which can easily be reduced and should not be tolerated as a ‘cost of doing business’. Whilst good customer service can act as a strong deterrent to thieves, the sheer number of customers at peak times and the physical size of your business can make it impossible to prevent theft.

  • Reduces stock loss
  • Improves profitability
  • Protects your products
  • Increases sales
  • Easy to use
  • Staff Training

Protecting your stock with a GCS Security Tagging system allows staff to focus on ensuring your customers get the best experience of shopping with you, rather than being distracted into the store detective role.

GCS Security Tagging systems will guard your stock and identify tagged products as the thief passes through the exit, instantly alerting staff by activating the alarm. For the legitimate customer, the security tag is deactivated at the point-of-sale as a transparent part of the purchase process.

GCS design bespoke security tagging policies for your staff to follow, ensuring the correct product is protected with the most suitable tag, helping to maximise the reduction in loss and your return on investment.

Our range of high quality Security Tags, Security Labels and Accessories are specified to suit the products you need to protect and your retail environment. We ensure they are compatible with all brands and models of Security Tagging Systems.

Jarloc® Candle Protection                                      

Leading brands of glass jar candles are consistently targeted by professional thieves with retailers experiencing significant losses from 5 to 20% of retail sales value. The natural reaction is to place these products behind glass or delist from sale.

Our award winning range of Jarloc security tags are highly effective in reducing these losses, whilst enabling the retailer to benefit from the high footfall and sales these products attract. Jarloc protects glass jar candles without affecting the customer purchase experience or damaging the candle. Jarloc provides the confidence to improve product availability to the consumer through increased shelf stock holding, leading to increased sales, while managing stock loss effectively.

  • Security Award winning
  • Prevents theft
  • Reusable
  • Increases sales
  • Easy to use
  • Small & discrete
  • Recommended by Yankee Candles

Jarloc is produced in a specialist, non-absorbent material to prevent cross contamination of fragrance, allowing it to be freely reused. It fits neatly inside the jar and locks securely into place, covering the wick to prevent the candle from being used. Jarloc has been designed to allow the fragrance within the wax to pass by and accumulate in the lid as normal. Jarloc is also fitted with the most commonly used security tagging technology for added security.

Jarloc tags are easily released by staff at the point-of-sale and removed for reuse, leaving the candle in perfect condition to present as a gift.

CCTV Systems                                     

GCS CCTV systems are effective in providing visibility over your entire premises and help keep your property and employees secure.

GCS designs, installs and maintains a wide range of CCTV solutions to meet your specific requirements and budgets, from compact surveillance packages for smaller premises, to large networked IP based systems for more complex requirements.

Our system options include a full range of state-of-the-art cameras;

  • Internal or external
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Night Vision
  • Fully functional pan, tilt and zoom
  • Covert

Our CCTV solutions reduce crime and can provide a valuable record of key events for investigative purposes, storing footage for up to 31 days and providing 24/7 surveillance with live remote viewing access so you can see what’s happening at your business anytime.