GCS Performance Hard Tag

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Frequency: RF 8.2Mhz, AM 58Khz or 66Khz
Dimensions: 55mm x 13mm
Colour: Grey
Lock Type: Standard or Super
Pack Size: 100

Description: The Performance Hard Tag offers a greater detection performance than standard hard tags. It represents a larger target for your tagging system, boosting its effectiveness. The slimline and lightweight design makes it a popular choice with fashion retailers, the tag is usually sold with flathead or conical pins and can also be used with our Superstrong Lanyard. The tag is available in standard lock or super lock making it compatible with all detachers.

Suitable Applications: Clothing, Hats, Gloves and used with our Superstrong Lanyard Handbags, Tools, Pet Collars & Leads, Bridles & Saddles.