Security Product Acquisition

Product Acquisition s

Making the right choices when purchasing security equipment or selecting a supplier can be a daunting task that many businesses don't have the internal skills or expertise to get right.


Making the wrong choice often result in poor performing security solutions, delivering limited return on investment and can leave business owners dissatisfied with results.

Commonly asked questions:

Q:  I would like to invest in Security Tagging, which technology should I choose, AM, RF or EM?

Q:  How much should I expect to pay for a Security Tagging System?

Q:  Which company should I buy the Security Tagging System from?

Q:  Why would I lease equipment, rather than pay cash?

Q:  Should I choose IP CCTV Cameras?

Q:  Where do I start in selecting a company to monitor my CCTV System during out of hours?

Q:  Will 'dummy systems' be effective? or will I be waisting time and money?

Q:  How can I be certain I have achieved the best deal?

Not all companies deliver the extremely important after care that you may expect and can leave your business with significant maintenance bills in the longer term.


GCS is here to help you make the right purchase decisions.

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