Jarloc, a brand new solution to Prevent Candle Theft

Theft of Glass Jar Candles is reported by many retailers as a particular problem. Thieves target leading brands as they are most attractive and provide

a high resale value.


Protecting candles with security tags has traditionally

been a difficult and cumbersome affair until now.


Jarloc, a brand new solution to prevent candle theft

is now widely available to all retailers.

Jarloc is a standalone, reusable security device

specifically designed to protect glass jar candles from



Jarloc provides retailers the confidence to improve product availability to the consumer through increased shelf stock holding, leading to increased sales, while managing stock loss effectively.

Theft - Large Shoulder Bag Jarloc

Jarloc is designed to fit inside the top of the candle, preventing access to the wick. The lid fits on top and

the candle can be displayed as normal.



Prevents Theft


Increases Sales

Easy to Use

Small & Discrete

Jarloc Protecting Medium Jars 1