Guidance & Support

GCS provide Security & Loss Prevention guidance and support to all sizes of business, specialising in Garden Retail.


GCS believe every business should have a clear Security Strategy to ensure profits are not lost through avoidable shrinkage. Preventing loss

is a sure way to increase profitability of your business.  

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All national and multiple retailers have recognised the strategic importance of Security & Loss prevention and its role to reduce the direct cost of crime.


GCS are well placed to help businesses protect against and reduce the cost of crime. Using specialist knowledge and skills to prevent crime, GCS assist in delivering cost reduction through solving Security & Loss Prevention issues.


GCS provide assistance in the following key areas;


• Guidance to security strategy & policy making

• Guidance to civil recovery

• Best practices for prevention of violence against staff

• Best practices for prevention of loss of cash in transit

• Re-launch the use of security tagging at store & group level

• Security tagging policy – build & implementation

• Prevention of vandalism & arson attacks

• Prevention of burglary

• Prevention of theft by customers or staff

• EAS Source Protection (Tagging)

• Guidance to the strategic benefits of EAS Source Protection

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