GCS GB Limited is a UK based consultancy company that provides consultancy services to all sizes of companies, mainly in the retail and retail supply sectors.


GCS provide retailers guidance to reduce customer and employee theft. Solutions often include the creation of bespoke security policies, loss prevention training, procedures and guidelines that suit the individual business. GCS also provide assistance in the economic specification & acquisition of security technology such as CCTV and Security Tagging Systems.


GCS assist brand owners and distributors to develop loss prevention strategies based on detailed investigations that establish causes of loss. GCS work with senior management teams to cultivate innovative business and technology ideas that deliver results.


GCS offer product manufacturers, distributors and third party packaging & labelling companies guidance and support to protect brand reputation. GCS identify security solutions and lead projects from concept to field trials utilising the latest security technology, including RFID and EAS Source Protection.

GCS as part of your business strategy


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